Geological Survey : Detail geological mapping, engineering geological mapping, construction material survey, sedimentary basin survey, hazard mapping, geological mapping of economic minerals, petrographic /lab analysis of rock ,minerals and sediments for various projects like hydropower projects, irrigation projects, roads, bridges, transmission line routes/substations,etc

Geophysical Survey : Electrical resistivity tomography survey(2-D ERT survey), Vertical Electrical sounding(VES), Ground penetrating Radar survey, Seismic refraction survey for Geophysical investigations of various projects like hydropower(reservoir, dam, tunnel, powerhouse area),Ground water exploration, irrigation, road, bridge, transmission line route/substation multistoried buildings ,landfill site mapping ,archaeological study, dam leakage, unknown caves detections, explorations of minerals etc.

Geotechnical investigations: Core drilling for geotechnical investigations of various project sites.

Land survey and Mapping: Topographical survey and preparation of site maps (roads, bridge sites, irrigation

command areas, structure and building sites etc.) and infrastructure alignments (canals, drains, roads), including foundation stability and settlement monitoring for major structures (pump stations, main canals, bridges etc.)

Hydro-geological survey: Aquifer mapping, well development, artificial ground water recharge, river training works on drainage management.

Environmental Studies: EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment), IEE (Initial Environmental Examination) for various projects

Hydrological studies: Hydrological studies for flood level monitoring, discharge measurement, design discharge for hydropower, irrigation projects.